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Happy Dr. King Jr. Day ! hover background

Jan 18

Happy Dr. King Jr. Day !

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Dr King experienced Depression and yet, he was accountable each and every day to do more for his fellow man than he could muster for himself alone . When we are of service to and for others we gain more strength. Participate in your life and put one […]

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Practice makes Perfect! Fake it until you make it… hover background

Jan 06

Practice makes Perfect! Fake it until you make it…

Practice makes perfect! Fake it until you make it ! ….meditate on positive thoughts of compassion and kindness to achieve inner calm so that not only you feel balance , but all that you touch and do is met with warmth . I make it a daily practice to make the effort to reframe any […]

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Wondering and Worrying…… Anxiety hover background

Dec 29

Wondering and Worrying…… Anxiety

  My New fav page on Facebook is “Begin with Yes” I think so may people are posting amazing daily reminders and “Begin with Yes” posted: “Most of us wonder, worry and spend too much emotional energy thinking about what’s around the next corner. As we begin to re-channel some of that “wondering/worrying” energy into […]

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