Practice makes Perfect! Fake it until you make it…

Practice makes perfect! Fake it until you make it ! ….meditate on positive thoughts of compassion and kindness to achieve inner calm so that not only you feel balance , but all that you touch and do is met with warmth .
I make it a daily practice to make the effort to reframe any negative thinking in my inner world . All negative thinking needs to be cleaned up ,so that I can be more compassionate, understanding, supportive and honest to those with whom I work , or interact. Through my daily meditation I am able to show up In my personal best self . Shining my best! Even if I am only able to hold this space intermittently throughout the day , I focus each session with my clients in this mind space. When I go off track and don’t give myself the time to center and meditate to remove negative thinking , then I am not in step with the world in which I want to live.

“Begin with Yes ” posted on their FB page what is below. I love the simplicity to be in a better mental space .
This is part of what I work to accomplish daily.


“We can’t change the weather outside but we can keep out inner world warm and we can always warm the hearts of others with a gentle touch, a smile and an encouraging word. ” Begin with Yes.

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