Wondering and Worrying…… Anxiety


Begin with Yes logoMy New fav page on Facebook is “Begin with Yes” I think so may people are posting amazing daily reminders and “Begin with Yes” posted:

“Most of us wonder, worry and spend too much emotional energy thinking about what’s around the next corner. As we begin to re-channel some of that “wondering/worrying” energy into action steps leading towards our hopes and dreams, we’ll not only stop spinning our wheels, we’ll be co-creating what will be waiting for us when you get there.”

It seems that there are so many wonderful posts and blogs on the internet and Facebook that I find that it is impossible not to have so many the moments that I think. yes, I need to remember that or begin my day with …..

I couldn’t articulate some of these entries any better so I am going to share them with you as I see them. Please share any with us that you feel are helpful and relevant and we might post them.


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