The Support Services Network

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Nov 05

Each provider has practiced within their home area therefore has specific knowledge and familiarity with the resources available within their home area.  Providers are chosen specifically for their experience and personal aptitude and commitment toward advocacy and support for each person according to that person’s needs, goals and aspirations.

The Support Services Network History

As the demand for services from M. Ludwig and Associates, Inc. grew it became evident to Michele that she was receiving many word of mouth referrals and requests for services from locations outside of the practice’s base of Marin County and Southern Sonoma County.  It also became evident that Michele and the other providers of M. Ludwig & Associates, Inc. were severely constrained from providing support services for many of these individual’s due to distance.  In addition, there is a wide variety of programs and resources available in each county and it is imperative that each support services provider is personally knowledgeable and experienced with the resources within their area.   This led Michele to create the Support Services Network of providers in locations throughout the Bay Area and expanding.

The goal of the Support Services Network is simply to help connect persons who can benefit from support with the providers in their area who are experienced, qualified and committed.  The foundation of the services from each provider is personalized, compassionate case management utilizing the appropriate available resources in line with the approach established by Michele and the staff of M. Ludwig & Associates, Inc.

For more information please contact 415.507.1525.