I’ve Got Your Back !

Suicide Prevention Month September
“I’ve Got Your Back”

September is Suicide Prevention month. Below you will find the U.S.A National Suicide prevention hotline numbers, but also remember to have immediate access to your local phone number of the Suicide prevention hotline, or Crisis hotline where you live. Major Hospitals will also have the number for you and of course NAMI ‘s website will also have numbers available too.
When thinking of writing this blog I pondered if I should include a copy of a stick figure picture that I saw displayed on a coffee mug. This picture had two stick figures alongside each other and the one on the right was holding the stick figure’s back of the other stick figure in its hand. The expression on the mug said, “I’ve got your back” and the stick figure picture made my heart warm, yet others have told me they had an entirely different perception of the picture to the way in which I perceived the picture and its meaning, so I haven’t included it in this blog because the expression is too meaningful to me to risk the expression be misinterpreted from the manner I intend. I have a saying that I use frequently with my clients, which is “I have your back.” What I mean when I say “I Have Your Back,” is that I am giving something of myself (support) to you, not taking something away from you. So, when my clients express concern or uncertainty about a proposal from their doctor or therapist, and if I am certain that the recommendation is worth trying, I search for sincere words to encourage the person to just try what is being suggested, such as a particular group, medication, visualization or meditation practice or whatever is recommended and I can genuinely see the potential benefit for my client, l often say to my client that “I’ve Got Your Back and wouldn’t say try it unless I meant it “
My use of this saying is not offered flippantly or just to spur a decision (that can be tempting when one might be procrastinating and a decision needs to be made ), but it is because I mean “I’ve got your back” and will not tell someone that I care about that it is worth a try if I have strong doubt. I mean this always. It is my job and responsibility to be this honest with each of my clients, firstly, as a person that deserves honesty and genuine support and secondly as a client with whom I have an agreement to provide services to help him/her to move forward toward better health and wellbeing.
My pledge to all of my loved ones, clients and friends, in fact anyone in need of an honest recommendation regarding your well -being and care, “I have your back,” and now in this blog it means that I urge you to seek support, call a hotline, call a professional, friend and anyone that can be there for you and help you through this dark and frightening time until you get through this difficult time to the other side of the feelings of despair and begin to see the sunshine again. You will know when you are through it as it will feel lighter and brighter, until then, seek a professional and friends or people that can help.


PS. This is Important! Tell your doctor or Psychiatrist immediately if you suddenly begin to feel depressed after having a new medication or even any medication taken regularly that has side effects that might cause symptoms including depression.

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Michele Ludwig-Petersen

1-800-273-TALK and 1-800-SUICIDE The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,[15] a 24/7 hotline for callers in the United States USA
11-800-799-4TTY (4889) TTY/TDD services at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline USA

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